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Crib Quilts/Doll Quilts/Toys

Shipping $15 per Quilt

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Antique Quilts 4571 
LOWER LEFT: Early 1900's "Catch Me If You Can" crib quilt
Excellent condition - 32" x 32"     $99 ND +shipping
Antique Quilts 4575 - Doll & Crib Quilts from the top down:
-Navy & pink "1 Patch" doll quilt - SOLD
-Red check "9 Patch" crib quilt - SOLD
-Circa 1900 doll quilt - ecru with red binding - SOLD
-Mini "Log Cabin" doll quilt - SOLD
Celery & pink tied "1 Patch" crib quilt - calico binding & back - tiny fraying - 30" x 36"   $29.95 ND + shipping
Flannel peacock & magenta tied "1 Patch" doll quilt - batting separation - 20" x 26"   $29.95 ND + shipping
-Aqua, tied "9 Patch" - 24" x 24"    $39 ND + shipping
Item 5029 - Antique Child's Floor Sweeper
Dated February 9, 1897 - Child's "The Margaret" Floor Sweeper - Oak and pine with 4 red wooden wheels and a black brush roller wheel - 4-3/4" wide, 7" long, 28" tall

+$10 shipping
Item 5031 Antique Boy'sTool Chest  Late 1800's Boy's Tool Chest - The original label reads "The Boys Star Tool Chest - (Model) 60A - containing a choice assortment of tools." - Oak dovetailed with black painted, grooved wood trim with metal clasp. Missing one piece of side wood trim - 6-1/2" deep, 12-1/2" long, 4-1/2" tall.
+$10 shipping
Item 5033 - Antique Rag Dolls
Left to Right:
RARE & HOT COLLECTIBLE - (add $5 shipping for each doll)
 Golliwogg with replaced clothes - Golliwoggs  were created in England in 1895 by Florence Upton, author of a series of children's books - Golliwoggs were the keepers of the toys and  a hot collectible - tiny moth damage in back of jacket - 21" x 10" - $225
Golliwogg - 16" x 6" - $199
Golliwogg - Moth damage on head - 27" x 10" - $295

Clown sock doll
- Hand embroidered face - 17" x 9" - $29
Clown sock doll - Hand embroidered face - 22" x 12" - $39
Clown doll - Store bought - Cracked plastic face - 23" x 7" - $29

Metal Top Toy - $9 +$3 shipping
Iron Doll Bed with store bought mattress, covered in pink child's print calico - 8" x 5-1/2"
$49 +$6 shipping
Item 5034 - Homemade Rag Dolls
Top Left to Right:
Blue striped dress and bonnet, brown braided pigtails - 16" x 10"  $34
Red and green knit boy with football and stocking cap - RARE - 21" x 9"   $39
White gown, blond braided pigtails - 15-1/2" x 4"   $29
Yellow lace trimmed dress with pearls, hose & blue shoes - 14" x 4"   $34
Store bought composition face, cloth body -12" x5"  $29
Bottom Left to Right:

Black gingham overalls, blond braided pigtails - 10" x 6"  $29
Yellow top, brown check skirt, brown pigtails - jointed 10" x 4"  $29
rown pigtails, blue check dress - 11" x 5"  $29
Blond pigtails, green check dress - 10" x 5"  $29
Oak & Pine Doll Bed - 6-1/2 wide, 11" long, 6-1/2" tall  $39
Homemade man - Navy wool suit & tie - Hysterical - 13-1/2" x 6"  $39
Please add $5 shipping for each doll
Item 5035 - Various
Left to Right:
1800's "Log Cabin" wool quilt & machine embroidered TEDDY BEAR signed art by "C. Smith '85" on stretcher bar - 10" x 16-1/2"   $49 + $5 shipping

SOLD - 9-1/2" x 25-1/2" HEARTS DOLL QUILT OIL PAINTING signed Micheleine on 3/4" thick wood   $39 +$5 shipping

SOLD - 11" x 11" SCHOOLHOUSE QUILT BLOCK oil painted on 3/4" thick wood signed Micheleine '85   $39 + $5 shipping

Item 5036 - Dolls
MADAME ALEXANDER SISSY BRIDE DOLL - 9-1/2" with hose, shoes & original clothes - Excellent condition - Lists for $500-$850 - Asking $395

MADAME ALEXANDER SISSY QUEEN ELIZABETH DOLL - 9-1/2" with gold shoes & original clothes - Excellent condition - Lists for $500-$850 - Asking $395

11" COMPOSITION Doll with sawdust stuffed body & original clothes - "KO2" on shoulder plate - Excellent condition - $69 +$5 shipping

19" CHINA DOLL FLATHEAD - Desirable & earlier hairstyle - New body? - No markings - Excellent condition - $169 +$10 shipping

Antique Majolica
Item 5037 - Antique Majolica

Platter - Tomatoes on vine in green basket weave - 1chip on back of handle & on base - "Empireware 5 England 36" - 11" x 7-1/2"    $175 + $5 shipping

Yellow plate - 6-3/4" - "G Zell S Germany" - Excellent condition   $99 +$5 shipping

Yellow Plate - 8-3/4" with pink & blue flowers - "Hand painted DEKOR LD 50 Nice Germany 2813" - Tiny paint chip on 1 edge  $250 free shipping

Green leaf Platter - 11-1/2" x 8-1/8" - No markings - Tiny paint chip on edge
$295 free shipping


Aqua Embroidered animal crib quilted @ 5-6 st/in 38 1/2" x 49 1/2"    $79 SOLD
Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Bill appliqued and embroidered 21 1/2" x 25 1/2"     $29.95
Green 9 patch machine quilted 13 1/2" x 30"     $29
Bottom Velvet maroon and cotton calico table runnder by machine with stains on back 13" x 49" $14.95


5881_crib_quilts_small.jpg 5881 - Right: 1960’s Pop Art Penny Quilt of Polyester Knit that mimics the Penny Rugs that were used as table covers in the 1800s. Whimsical and fun for nursery, wall art or table covering with lavender satin 1” ruffle and back. Excellent 44x62” $297 (Sold)

Left top: 24 1/2 x 48” hemmed piece of hand woven wool & flax overshot coverlet from early 1900s. Great table runner. Tiny moth damage not noticeable Excellent condition $39
               15 x 50   hemmed piece of hand woven wool & flax overshot coverlet from early 1900s.  $29
                27x29” red, navy & gold hemmed piece of hand woven wool & flax overshot coverlet from early 1900s.  $29

Bottom: 8 Battenberg Lace Placemats 12x18 1/2” and 1 20x41” runner. Excellent condition $39.95ND set





Antique Quilt 5959
Left: Pink silk Little Bo Peep or Mary had a little lamb with appliqued sheep and embroidered flowers, staff and outline and border. Rare and desirable nursery rhyme quilt. Tied with pink yarn. Just washed. small stain, otherwise excellent 34x46 1/2” $99

Right Top: Indian Princess appliqued with yarn pigtails and shawl trim doll quilt or pillow cover, hand outline quilted @ 6 st/in Mint 18x18” $29.95

Right Bottom: Rare early 1900’s One Patch Doll Quilt. Hand crosshatch quilted @ 7 st/in. Excellent 16 1/2” x 16 1/2” $79







5978_crib_quilts_small.jpg Antique Quilt 5978
Right:  1800’s Paisley lined with rust colored lining fabric and designed for a cape or throw over back of chair by Deborah Glover, 86 year old seamstress and dressmaker from MN who came to OKC and designed her dream home in far NE OKC. 19 1/2 x 58” Very Good $39

Center: 2 matching crib quilts hand quilted cross hatch @ 8 st/in with blue cross stitch bow in middle of each Excellent 31x39” $39 each

Left: Vogart NY NRA #21845-35 kit crib cover top 31x29” Embroidered bunnies and blue birds $29


Antique Quilt 5989
Right: New pink hand quilted and pieced Checkerboard Crib by Agnes Brauer, Oklahoma City. Cross hatch hand quilting @ 6 st/in. 39x54 MINT $67ND

Left: New Hand Quilted Doubled 9 Patch Crib Quilt by Agnes Brauer, Oklahoma City. Cross hatch hand quilting @ 6 st/in 39x52 MINT $77ND



Antique Quilt 6163
1925 Appliqued Pictorial Blue Crib Quilt with children and daisies with great embroidery embellishment. Possibly made by professional quilter Emma Herbert Finkl exclusively for Marshall Fields Department Store in Chicago. Daisy and diagonal hand quilting @ 9 st/in. Museum quality and adorable on nursery wall and for a cherished keepsake for your child or grandchild. I just washed 33x45” Excellent Condition $3000 - Now $995


Antique Quilt 6326
1930s Applique Teddy Bear Crib Kit Quilt from V.R. Rohrman�s OKC estate. Embroidery embellishment. Adorable in pink, blue & yellow to decorate nursery. Hand shell, cross hatch and outline quilting @ 8 st/in. Tiny staining on pink bear and soft but no problems 38� x 50� $145


Antique Quilt 6331
Right:  1930�s Mama, Papa and Baby Bear embroidered appliqued kit summer crib spring. no batting or backing Excellent condition 33 1/2� x 45� $69

Overall Sam with crocheted balloon Crib 1930�s summer coverlet, lined. Excellent 31�x31� $69

Postage Stamp Double Wedding Ring Crib Quilt. Rare and hot collectible. 3/4� white and green blocks. 1/2� calico squares. Hand outline quilting Excellent 31� x 50� $149


Antique Quilt 6343
Center Diamond Amish style quilts signed �Sharon R. Mason, Tulsa, OK 1995 Hand dyed muslin� on sewn on tag on back. Sharon was born in 1938 and died 2005. Bluck back and border. Feather wreath, cross hatch, X 4 leaf daisy & triple triangle hand quilting @ 8 st/in 23 1/2 x 23 1/2� Excellent $197


Antique Quilt 6348
Right: 16x22 1/2� Doll quilt machine quilted $19.95

Left: 17x20: Doll Quilt machine quilted $19.95

Bottom: 15x18� Doll quilt hand quilted @ 9 st/in $29.95

Knitted yarn Doll in orange, white and brown . Hysterical with pompom nose and yarn look afro hair. 29� x 30� $39


Antique Quilt 6371
Right: Sunbonnet Sue 1930�s quilt pieces newly machine zigzagged onto new crib quilt with eyelet and outer blue ruffle trim. Adorable! Hand outline quilting @ 7 st/in. Excellent except for the worn Sunbonnet Sue pieces 36� x 35� hi $97

Left: 1930�s Alphabet Crib Quilt made by Emma Shalhope for sone Bob. Tumbling or Baby Blocks pattern hand quilting @ 6 st/in with hand embroidery embellishment. Very Good with a little unueven batting. Freshly washed 41� x 52� $149

Bottom: Hand Tied Doll Quilt Excellent 16� x 27� $19.95


Antique Quilt 6372
Beautiful African Fabric @ $10/yard. 50 Pieces, some scarves, shawls, tablecloths, batik and yardage. Many have names of country. I finished batik dress. Will send individual pictures if interested. From Pat and Ken Beckloff�s estate in Edmond, OK. Ken Beckloff was born and raised in Oakwood, Oklahoma. He began preaching while a student at Oklahoma Christian College in 1964 and has served as a local preacher in Arkansas and Oklahoma. He received his BSE in Science Education from Oklahoma Christian College and an MAR from Harding Graduate School of Religion. He has done additional graduate study in missions at Abilene Christian University. Ken and his wife, Pat, have over forty years of mission experience. They served as missionaries in Sierra Leone, West Africa (1969-1979) and in Kenya (1985-1996). Since 1996, the Beckloffs have spent 2-3 months each summer working in Kenya (Mombasa) and serving as adjunct faculty at the Nairobi Great Commission School. Ken and Pat speak the Swahili language. The Beckloffs have two children: Mary, of Tulsa; and Lisa, of Moore. They also have 3 grandchildren, Brandon, Krystin, and Kirabeth, and three step grandchildren, Mariah, Jason, and April. Ken and Pat have been with Memorial Road since May 1999 when Ken was appointed International Minister. Pat has been on staff as Global Outreach Ministry assistant since 2002. Both Ken and Pat are vigorously involved in the International Ministry and the Mombasa Mission to Kenya.

6934 crib blue.jpg

Antique Quilt 6934
Right: 1930s Blue embroidery work Cupid Quilt. Perfect for your grandchild from Sawyer estate in Indian Creek, OKC, OK. Hand double cross, shell, heart, 4 leaf clover and fan quilting @ 9 st/in. Freshly washed in excellent condition 33� x 50� $89(Sold)

Left: Depression era Blue and white Flying Geese rare and desirable Crib quilt. Makes great wall art or baby shower gift. Hand pieced and hand outline an cable quilting @ 6-7 st/in. Freshley washed in excellent condition from Sawyer estate in Indian Creek, OKC, OK 38� x 53� $97

6934 clsoeup.jpg

Antique Quilt 7065
Right: 1930s Sunbonnet Sue Top quilted recently from McLaughlin OKC estate. Adorable and much sought after for every little girl. pink back. Great hand embroidery embellishment and hand cable and diamond quilting @7st/inch. Freshly washed. Excellent condition. 38-47. $97

Left: New yellow Sunbonnet Sue appliqu�d quilt from OKC estate. Hand embroidered and hand quilted @6 st/inch. Yellow back. Excellent condition 38-58 $59


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